Providing Essential Tools for Safer Communities

Our philosophy for a safer community is to simplify one's ability to communicate a concern while streamlining the assessment/management process and create an efficient way to validate the effectiveness of your work.

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Incursus' Services

We've dedicated more than 30 years to the field of threat and security management

  • Easy input and updates

  • Instant notifications to contacts in database

  • Proprietary threat assessment tool

  • Auto reports generated and customized

Case Management App Login Screen
  • Stay compliant with government regulations and safety measures

  • Learning Management System and live training for security compliance

  • Policy creation and guidance

  • Access to Board Certified experts in Threat and Security Management

Incursus' Solutions

There is only one solution available to you on the market today, Incursus.

Private Security and Investigations

In one location you can track cases, employee pay (mileage, expenses and hours), share intelligence to clients so they can have direct access to vital info (onsite, cases, status, etc.) and the ability to invoice directly from your case profile.

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Private Security and Investigations
Corporate Security and Human Resources

Corporate Security and Human Resources

Our program is dedicated to filling the missing components of your Corporate Security and Human Resources departments. We provide a platform to manage investigations/cases, assess threats, provide guidance on written policies and compliance training on our Learning Management System.

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Educational Institutions

We provide a one-stop security compliance program for your institution, including a portal for students and parents to report threats, an administration portal to assess, track and respond to threats, as well as a Learning Management System to educate teachers and staff on security best practices.

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Educational Institutions

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Case Management

Ideal for Private Security/Investigations

Starting at


1 Company user

5 registered users

per month

*Additional users available for add-on

  • Software available on the phone
  • Easily input and track cases
  • Notify clients directly from the system or give them access to view on the app “and private portal”
  • The expense and mileage tracking on the app version
  • Notify clients directly from the system or give them access to view on the app
  • Employees can check-in and keep time directly from the app
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Threat Management

Ideal for Corporate HR. Security and Educational Institutions

Request demo for customized solution
  • Everything in case management
  • Store resource info and assessments
  • Social Media Search
  • Threat Assessment and Matrix
  • Analyze victim, threat, and grievance
  • Case Chronology visuals
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Security Management

Ideal for Start-Ups, Educational Institutions, Corporations

Request demo for customized solution
  • Fractional security management, with full-time embedded security professionals available
  • Learning management system for annual compliance training
  • Security policy designs and templates
  • Real Estate risk assessment and compliance
  • Travel security risk assessment
  • Executive profile and risk assessments
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